If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

img_5994It’s Tabby Tuesday!!

Let’s talk about our favorite catnip; ” Tabby James” which we came across some time ago on Instagram. (a great community for cat lovers!!)

In the past, I had little interest in catnip based on the fact that it seemed to have little effect on JJ, regardless of the brand.

Our world changed when Tabby James sent us a sample.  JJ and NICCO couldn’t wait to get inside the box to find out what had captured their senses.  This never happened with other brands.

img_8379img_9473This inspired me to make catnip toys for them and they can’t get enough now!

To confirm that Tabby James was the difference, i made toys with other brands with zero effects. Of course every cats are different but JJ & NICCO highly recommend it for the simple reason catnip exists.

Therefore our handmade toys are filled with Tabby James catnip…. and LOVE!

img_9122img_8536For more information about this wonderful organic catnip, visit Tabbyjames.com




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