Superbowl Funday!

Football is my favorite sport to watch in America and Superbowl Sunday is a special funday for us whether our favorite team is in or not.

We love to eat yet we love to play!!! Every year we play our own “kitten bowl”.  I got them a paper football field, they love the papers noise when they play with it and have fun tearing up the field. This year i made them catnip footballs. Oh we had so much fun!!

Ready for the kick off!!IMG_6278IMG_6302They don’t chase the one ball together but take turns on the field. It’s not like a cute  “kitten bowl” from Hallmark, this is a serious adult cat bowl with a lot of penalties!

IMG_6340IMG_6351IMG_6332IMG_6322Nicco had to get out for a couple of times due to being off sides and unnecessary roughness.(lol)

IMG_6369But in this game, they both win and get their favorite treats. That’s the best part right???

IMG_6360Happy Sunday Funday everypawdy!!!


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