Hello September, Hello New Look

IMG_0724It’s been a while since the last time I updated this blog. In the last four months, we had JJ’s birthday, independence day, summer activities….etc I still want to post our fun pictures sometime in the future.

I am trying to make this site as simple as it can be. So far I’ve changed the template and added the shop ( still empty )  More changes are coming.IMG_1099JJ and NICCO are my great little helpers!

IMG_1114IMG_1215CC DESIGN will soon have a new look!!




もっと見やすくわかりやすく面白いサイトにしたくて、とりあえずシンプルなテンプレートに変え、ショップを加えたり(まだ空っぽですw)ギャラリーに入れる写真を撮ったりしています ブログには少しだけ日本語も書くことにしました






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