Welcome to my gallery.

My love of art & cats prompted me to start this blog to showcase my own cat themed D.I.Y projects and collections.

My inspiration comes from my two boys JJ (grey tabby) & NICCO (grey)

I have been making catnip toys using needle felting technique.

“What is Needle felting?”

Needle felting is the process of interlocking wool fibers by stabbing it with a barbed needle. The barbs catch the scales on the fiber and cause them to tangle and bind together. To create a 3D sculpture it can take hours of work and literally thousands of stabbing from start to finish.ย 

All my pieces are made of natural wool and 100% organic catnip from Tabby James. They are all one-of-a-kind hand crafted with love by me.

I am happy to take custom orders and special requests.ย Please contact me for the price quote, accurate shipping cost or any questions or requests.

All the toys are approved by JJ and NICCO.

Thank you for visiting.