Easter is on its way

Spring has sprung!! and Easter will be here soon. It’s our another favorite holiday!IMG_8897IMG_9064IMG_8985These pictures are from last year. It was our first Easter together. We had a great fun egg hunting.

Here’s one of our new collection for Easter this year.IMG_8497IMG_8487IMG_8477NICCO just loves them all! Just can’t get enough!IMG_8262IMG_8279IMG_8273IMG_8272IMG_8267IMG_8283IMG_8889IMG_9021IMG_9001IMG_8867We love celebrating holidays together!

Hope you had a wonderful one as well!!



Happy Birthday NICCO!!

March 1st was NICCO’s second birthday.IMG_7366IMG_7393Woo Hoo!! It smells like a birthday!!!

This year, my time was very limited because my family was visiting from Japan. However, of course nothing would interfere with celebrating this special day in same way.IMG_7528IMG_7505-001I made it very simple but full of his favorite things! Balloons with strings(Nicco loves ribbons and strings), catnip cupcakes and Tuna & Shrimp aspic cake with Churu sause!

IMG_7420IMG_7542They both had a cake, treats, played with toys and ribbons. I also got him a couple of toys that operated by battery. He was just staring at them(lol)

IMG_7556It was a simple pawty but we had a great time.

Thanks to our sweet furriends for all of the birthday wishes!!!



Celebrating Cat’s Birthday

You say it’s your cat’s birthday? Time to pawty! If you’re like us, you’ll take any excuse to celebrate your cat(s)!! So how do you like to celebrate on that special day?? Extra treats, new toys, new bed, kisses and cuddles….There are a number of ways to make it more fun and even more meaningful.

Nicco’s second birthday is coming!!  on March 1st.  Just can’t believe he’s turning two!! ( He was a little monster!)

His first birthday pawty was so much fun!!

img_7674img_7628img_7585I made him a simple “cake”, which was a can of pate food with a candle on top last year, and he enjoyed it!!

img_7652img_7646This year, I’m planning a purrfect pawty for Nicco with birthday cake, treats…   and catnip cupcakes toys!  Hope he’ll enjoy it!!




Caturday Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I was not a breakfast person but my boys wake me up early in the morning it changed me 😉

I generally love breakfast food like pancakes, waffles and eggs…. i can eat it anytime of the day!! IMG_6602

IMG_6622IMG_6623Since JJ likes the disc shaped toys, i made him pancakes and waffles to enjoy our morning together.

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast – John Gunther –

He enjoyed the new breakfast menu♥♥♥ We had a lovely caturday morning.

IMG_6640-001IMG_6632-001Do you like to have a breakfast in bed ?? 🙂


Superbowl Funday!

IMG_6275Football is my favorite sport to watch in America and Superbowl Sunday is a special funday for us whether our favorite team is in or not.

We love to eat yet we love to play!!! Every year we play our own “kitten bowl”.  I got them a paper football field, they love the papers noise when they play with it and have fun tearing up the field. This year i made them catnip footballs. Oh we had so much fun!!

Ready for the kick off!!IMG_6278IMG_6302They don’t chase the one ball together but take turns on the field. It’s not like a cute  “kitten bowl” from Hallmark, this is a serious adult cat bowl with a lot of penalties!

IMG_6313IMG_6340IMG_6351IMG_6332IMG_6322Nicco had to get out for a couple of times due to being off sides and unnecessary roughness.(lol)

IMG_6369IMG_6363But in this game, they both win and get their favorite treats. That’s the best part right???

IMG_6360IMG_6362Happy Sunday Funday everypawdy!!!


Donut you know how much i love you!

IMG_6251IMG_6254Of all the toy baked goods, the donut is JJ’s favorite. Maybe due to size (a lot of catnip) or the shape (it’s round and rolls with a peek a boo hole! )

Here’s my donuts and JJ’s donuts side by side to compare the size.

He’s always liked disc shaped toys…something i noticed when i made them in collaboration with Tabby James.

IMG_6245IMG_6241Just can’t get enough!!!

IMG_6124-001IMG_6126-001We go together like coffee and donuts, I DONUT know what i’d do without!

What’s your favorite?




We’re in love!

img_6093-001img_6069Ahhhh Valentine’s day, the time to celebrate love… How sweet that sound!!  It is one of our favorite holidays. It’s the purrfect time of year for sharing hearts ♥♥♥

Here’s our Valentine’s day gift idea for your fur babies and furriends.

img_6063Your choice of three chocolates from the collection in a mini heart box. Chocolate dipped strawberry has a jingle bell inside.

img_6059img_6039I’m also willing to take special requests. Everything will be made by order. More pictures in the portfolio on my top page.  Please contact me for more information.

IMG_5332.JPGLet us share our hearts with you on this special occasion ♥♥♥



If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

img_5994It’s Tabby Tuesday!!

Let’s talk about our favorite catnip ; ” Tabby James” which we came across some time ago on Instagram. (a great community for cat lovers!!)

In the past, I had little interest in catnip based on the fact that it seemed to have little affect on JJ , regardless of the brand.

Our world changed when Tabby James sent us a sample.  JJ and NICCO couldn’t wait to get inside the box to find out what had captured their senses.  This never happened with other brands.

img_8379img_9473This inspired me to make catnip toys for them and they can’t get enough now!

To confirm that Tabby James was the difference, i made toys with other brands with zero effects. Of course every cats are different but JJ & NICCO highly recommend it for the simple reason catnip exists.

Therefore our handmade toys are filled with Tabby James catnip…. and LOVE!

img_9122img_8536For more information about this wonderful organic catnip, visit Tabbyjames.com